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Blockchain & MobiCoin(MBC)

MobiCoin MBC will become the leader in Blockchain Industry through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships and develop 2030 AGENDA. Also, MBC will be the center of true cryptocurrency and blockchain platform by the perfect realization of decentralization.

This information embraces MobiDollar policies. It can be revised and reestablished within MobiDollar policies whenever necessary. 

 Policies of humanity – 10% free support as a humanitarian act in accordance of survival money policies

 Policies of releasing - three principals will be observed: business substitution, asset equivalence, and value investing  

 Terms of immunity – the persons concerned shall agree with terms of immunity when joining White Paper or Mobicoins Wallet. First transmission shall be conceded as an agreement.

Payment Platform

MobiCoin MBC is the specialized cryptocurrency, which is associated with MobiCoins Wallet Platform and MobiDollar. Thus, MBC can be used in our daily lives in various fields of payment, transaction, communication and credit such as wire-transfer, receipt, online shopping, global trade, legal currency P2P matching, loan, Cash(HRO) deposit and so on.

Profit Model

Online Shopping Mall with Coin Payment


When a customer completes payment , he / she can earn certain amount of bonus NO Poverty and Zero Hunger , and the survival money MBC can be used for other additional services like purchasing other goods or receiving discount benefits .


It is possible to generate consumption for local community development by launching sales events on local specialties or local festival tickets and product sales in the regions associated with smart city related institutions and corporations .


It ensures security and stability from hacking because it adopts P2B ( Peer to Business ) transmission system that allow users to make payment without going through the coin exchange markets .

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